Thursday, January 14, 2010

A late dinner

So I have not been blogging much this week... many apologies to my readers!

Today was a really long day, I went right from work to a hair appointment then out for a bit of shopping, now that I am at home I need dinner... So what would be quick, easy and gourmet?
Grilled chicken on a bed of sweet butter lettuce with cottage cheese, fresh tomatoes, carrots & celery topped with my comfort food - an over easy fried egg.  Some many think that is sounds like a strange combination to have both chicken and egg, but it was fresh, clean and perfect for dinner at 10pm.

This weekend I am planning a celebration dinner.  Celebrating a job change and the completion of a very big exam.  This dinner is for my nearest & dearest friends Chelsea & Brian, two wonderful chefs in their own individual ways and partners with me in my gourmet food adventures! This dinner will be so much fun.  So far on the menu we have homemade lamb burgers with homemade ketchup - yes, I will be attempting to make my own ketchup.  I will borrow a food mill from the Baking/Cooking 101 lending division or also known as Mom's kitchen.  And I suppose that I should do a bit of research on homemade ketchup - or I could just wing it... You will read all about it after the weekend is passed.

Right now I have been enjoying these little tiny Clementine Oranges, they are so sweet and juicy.  I am dreaming of a Clementine White Sangria.  You will soon learn about my many Sangria recipes, actually I don't really follow a specific recipe, I just create with what ingredients I have around and mixing things up as I go.  A favourite of mine for the winter is this Winter Spice Red Sangria, I have written it out in a recipe format for you.

1 bottle of Red Wine - I like a Merlot
1 bottle sparkling apple juice (or Club Soda)
1 Orange cut in half then sliced thinly (half moon shapes)
1 Apple sliced the same way as the Orange
1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen whole Cranberries
1 cup fresh or frozen blackberries
2 tablespoons cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
2 1/2 oz. Spiced Rum or Brandy

Add cut fruit, cloves, cinnamon and Spiced Rum to large pitcher; gently muddle together. Then add wine and sparkling apple juice.  Enjoy immediately and responsibly!

A few things to remember when creating your own Sangria; you will need wine, something sparkling, fortification in the form of Brandy or Rum.  (I have not tried fortifying with Vodka but I suppose it could be good so it is worth a try!)  As well you need fruit, citrus is a popular choice, apples are always good and mixing flavours together is quite nice too.  A good combination is peaches and raspberries.  I like to slice the fruit quite thin - it makes it delicate and easy to eat. The most important thing to remember about Sangria is don't be afraid to experiment, it is just fruit and wine mixed together with love.  have fun with it!

Later I will write about my spring and summer Sangrias, the possibilities are so endless.

Now it is late and I need to sleep, so be sure to come back to read about my very exciting celebration dinner this weekend - I just know it will be a fantastic food adventure!

Until next time - happy cooking


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