Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life doesn't only happen in the Kitchen

The days are getting longer, the days are getting warmer and the snow is packing it's bags.  In other words... Spring is just around the corner or maybe it is here!

So in celebration of spring I have to promote a contest that I have entered and for me to try and win this one I need your help!!!!  Here are the details; go to and find my blog entry.  What I need you to do is view and comment on my submission!  The deal is the more views and comments that I get it will give me a better chance at winning.  You will see all the details on the website but here is the low down - the winner gets a chance to write a blog on the Canadian Gardening website for 6 months plus a $500 cash prize!  You must write at minimum 1 post per week at minimum 100 words (as you read my long posts here you will realize that I have no trouble with word count!) Sounds fun and easy to me!  And who doesn't want to read about my gardening adventures?!?

You will notice that I have a different approach to this contest; as many of you know that I am a new-ish gardener with not a lot of experience and I feel that there are so many websites and magazines out there that give great gardening advice but it is directed towards gardeners who have both year of experience and established plants and yards.  Some of this information can be either overwhelming or not even applicable to our growing zone!  As well there are many of these websites and magazines are written either out on the West Coast or somewhere in Eastern Canada, two climates that are so very different than Alberta.  So my approach to my blog on Canadian Gardening is to provide information directed towards new gardeners who live on the Prairies where we struggle with low levels of humidity, short summers and long cold winters.  In short we have grow things a little differently here.

I really hope that you head over to the Canadian Gardening website and leave me lots of comments to help me win the contest.  It is something different and super exciting for me to do this summer.

Until next time

this was mid summer of 2008 - we were just starting the flower gardens

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