Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a Birthday Party!

And the foodie theme was Pecan Praline.  We had Pecan Praline ice cream and Butter Pecan cupcakes complete with home made candied pecans.  Here are the pics.
I have recently found this delicious chocolate bar, and you can guess the flavour! You guessed it - Pecan Praline. Creamy and 'pecan-y' and that was part of the garnish.  So now we have both a soft and creamy garnish and a nutty and crunchy garnish.  Nice balance.

There is this brilliant way of serving ice cream. (Check out for other exciting hosting ideas)  A few hours before or even the night before scoop the ice cream into paper muffin liners and re-freeze.  Then at cake serving time all you have to do is serve up each paper liner, no messy ice cream scoops to deal with at all.  It maybe a little extra work before the party starts but well worth it later on.  And best of all if you are doing this by yourself it is a breeze so you can look like the brilliant hostess that you are.  Easy as pre-served ice cream.  Whoever thought of this one... brilliant!

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