Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring has sprung so come & find me out in the garden

So I suppose you are all wondering where I have been for the past few weeks... well it is spring and that means that it is garden season.  Yes, we are still eating well but dinner is usually simple and late at our house now as I like to garden until it is late and dark then come in to have dinner.  Just to give you an idea of what garden season dinners are like read on;  simple broccoli soup with cheese bread, chicken salad sandwiches on pumpernickel bread complete with avocados, tomatoes and cucumbers - delish! Simple and quick to make as the kitchen does not need to be open for long at 10 pm!

And you may be wondering what on earth am I doing out in the garden until 10 pm each night? Well, seeing that our yard and garden are relatively unestablished we have lots to work on but every year it gets better and better.  Last year our big project was to build a vegetable garden, it is about 22 feet by 11 feet.  Just big enough to get a few rows of everything.  So this year we decided to plant 6 cedar shrubs (I think you would consider them to be a shrub...), they are about 5 1/2 feet tall and very thick and shrub-y.  We are hoping that they will create a nice wind screen as well a privacy screen to the lane.  These were all planted on Saturday evening after a very long day of planting the vegetable garden.  I am now very tired, sore, a little sun burnt but very happy to have all that finished.  The other very exciting installment to the backyard was a gazebo sort of structure.  I have planted Hops (beer hops) to grow up the corners and roof of the gazebo to create a beautiful al fresco outdoor dining room.  Hopefully the Hops will grow faster than my patience will wear thin.  We shall see.

It is now late and as mentioned I am beat from all the exciting yard work this weekend.  I will be around to share more gardening tales - seeing that I did not win the gardening blog through Canadian Gardener I must share my gardening adventures with you through this blog! And don't worry much of my gardening ends up on the table as some sort of gourmet meal so there will be food adventures too.

Take care & we'll share more soon!

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