Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Day of Harvest

Seeing that snow is starting to come into the forecast I thought it would be nice to see one last bit of summer. 

This year was amazing for our tomato crop. I have no idea how or why but this was the tomato year and we are not complaining! Just eating lots of tomatoes. 

And I am still trying to find new and exciting recipes for our bumper crop of tomatoes. 

The tiny ones in the smaller bowl are called Red Currant Tomatoes, they are the size of a large pea and have more flavour than any tomato I have ever tasted.  A bit of a pain to pick as the plant was laden with hundreds of tiny tomatoes.  The Yellow Pear tomatoes that are shown in the larger bowl are sweet with a thin tender skin, wonderful in salads.  In that same bowl there are the Honey Bee yellow tomatoes, these are the sweetest tomatoes that I have ever tasted.  A thicker skin than the Yellow Pear but even sweeter.  They are amazing slow roasted as the sugars caramelize and the juices run out to make a beautiful sauce.  As well there are a few orange ones they are the Sweet Orange tomatoes, and their name is exactly what they are.  One of the best things about having so many small tomatoes is that when you are out to water or just to check the garden there are always a handful of tomatoes to snack on.  They are the ultimate healthy snack! 

A question you may have is... what do I use as a fertilizer?  None.  The only reason for this is I never remember to actually fertilize. I have a good tomato fertilizer but the garden hose or a bucket dipped in the rain barrel is so much more convenient.  We do have a great compost bin that creates beautiful 'black gold' that we put on the garden in the spring as we are turning the soil over to prepare for planting but other than that it is just daily watering and talking to the plants.  I know that does sound a little crazy but it works as you can see. :)  

Enough tomato talk for now, I need to look for more garden fresh tomato recipes!

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