Thursday, September 30, 2010

A small harvest and our version of a 100 mile dinner

Thought we would have a 100 mile dinner one night, which means that dinner started in the garden. Start with the potatoes- about 8 potatoes from one hill, they were HUGE! Check out the pictures and be prepared to be amazed! One potato (the one pictured on the scale was enough for 4 servings of smashed potatoes.  Fresh garden beans and carrots - those were so tender and sweet. I found a new way to have oven roasted tomatoes, the trick is to use small or medium tomatoes and keep them on the vine.  In a baking dish drizzle olive oil and a bit of sea salt, bake at 350 for a while... not sure how long but watch them, should be at least 25-30 minutes.  When they are all wrinkled up and soft they are done!  Let them cool for a bit and enjoy.  The tomatoes become all soft and saucy and so sweet.  D-lish!  One little tip could be to cove them loosely with tin foil, this will help keep your oven clean, the oil has a tendency to splatter a bit.

Ok right, back to the dinner... to top off the menu we had roasted lamb, local lamb that is.  All to contribute to our 100 mile dinner! We did oven roast with fresh herbs and it was so tender and succulent.

All together the dinner was so good, a wonderful way to celebrate the start of a great harvest season.

That is all for now!

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